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Let's run the references. The Angels "sons of God" are older than antiquity. Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? And when the Lord God first created the heaven and Earth Genesis , the first inhabitants of the Earth were the Angels. The first world on the face of the Earth was made specifically for them. There was no death or entropy in the original creation, it was a place where they could live in the flesh and righteously enjoy the pleasures of Eden, the garden of God.

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But an event happened that ruined that pristine world and sent the entire course of physical and spiritual nature spiraling into darkness. Beyond what we can glean from Isaiah and Ezekiel , there are few Scriptural details of any activity concerning the Angels and Lucifer over the course of the old Earth's geologic history until Genesis where the old Earth is found ' without form and void ' and the seven-days regeneration of the heavens and Earth that follows.

Did any of the Angels live on the Earth at any times during Earth's geologic ages? We can't know for sure, although there is anecdotal evidence from the fossil records indicating the presence of man-like creatures whose presence are outside of paleological expectations. See the story: Footprint discovery suggests human-like creatures may have roamed Crete nearly 6m years ago.

In light of what we do know about the history of the Earth and the Angels, the King James Bible's choice of English wording at Genesis is absolutely accurate and correct. Man and the newly regenerated Earth were made to replace the old world which the Bible says was in ruins at the time of Genesis , roughly about six-thousand years ago according to the Scriptural chronology.

The next time we see indications of the presence of the Angels, after the episode detailed in Genesis chapter six, we find the Angels and Satan appearing before the Lord God. It is very apparent that, at least in Old Testament times, both the Angels and Satan had access to both the heavenly realms and the world below. And when the Angels appear to people on the Earth, they always did so in the likeness of men:. And he saith unto them, Be not affrighted: Ye seek Jesus of Nazareth, which was crucified: he is risen; he is not here: behold the place where they laid him.

The Bible makes clear that Angels and men are very similar in physical appearance:. Although we are similar to the Angels in image, we are made a little lower in degree. Even when the Lord Jesus Christ became flesh and dwelled with man, He assumed the same lower physical estate of man:.

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For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour. And this brings us to the reason why the Angels are not referred to in the New Testament as the "sons of God" as they are in the Old Testament. The reason? After the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, those men and women that are saved and born again will obtain the likeness of the Son of God when they go to be with the Lord. We are already called the "sons of God" according to the Scriptures. Beloved, now are we the sons of God , and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.

Unlike the once holy Angels that followed Lucifer in his rebellion, did evil and became eternally lost for their sins And in the Lord Jesus Christ, the second Adam see: 1 Corinthians we now have an inheritance far better than the Angels. There is so much to learn about Angels and their place in the Biblical picture that it just can't be fully addressed in this short treatment.

But, before I close, there are a few more important things you should know. I never wanted a Guardian Angel. I didn't ask for one. One was assigned to me. Mercedes McCambridge. Me Never Ask Guardian. The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs.

Dreams are the seedlings of realities. James Allen. Dreams Achievement Time Soul. Portishead's production is just insane beats you would expect to be on a KRS-One album. But then there's this little white girl with an angel voice singing over it. It was a cool juxtaposition. I like 'It's A Fire. Anders Holm. Cool Girl Fire You. What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god.

William Shakespeare. Work God Man Moving. I've had an angel on my shoulder all my life. Barbara Hale. Life My Life Shoulder Had. An angel of God never has wings. Joseph Smith, Jr. God Wings Never.

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I am not an angel and do not pretend to be. That is not one of my roles.

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But I am not the devil either. I am a woman and a serious artist, and I would like so to be judged.

Maria Callas. Devil Woman I Am Serious. On my back, I have the cross and angel wings: rise above it, no matter what life throws at you. And also, you know, Jesus rose from the grave. Lewis Hamilton. Life You Rose Wings. A woman has two smiles that an angel might envy, the smile that accepts a lover before words are uttered, and the smile that lights on the first born babe, and assures it of a mother's love. Thomas Chandler Haliburton. Smile Love Mother Women. The way people come into your life when you need them, it's wonderful and it happens in so many ways.

It's like having an angel. Somebody comes along and helps you get right.


Stevie Ray Vaughan. Life You People Way.

When we are touched by something it's as if we're being brushed by an angel's wings. Rita Dove. Wings Being Something Touched. Philosophy will clip an angel's wings. John Keats. Wings Philosophy Will Clip. I am an angel. I was sent here from God to heal.

Kevin Hart. God I Am Here Heal. I never said I was an angel.

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Nor am I innocent or holy like the Virgin Mary. What I am is natural and serious and as sensitive as an open nerve on an ice cube. Sister Souljah. I Am Innocent Serious Never. When I first met Alan Parker, who directed 'Angel Heart,' he'd heard so many horror stories about me that he was literally scared to death of me.