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    With a Name Like Bubba’s Sweet Nectar, They Had Us at Hello

    After some prompting, consider my Beekeeper Shingle officially hung! I would love to wax poetic on my friend Apis Mellifera, the European honey Bee , however, this may prove to be the only post in the forum if I do. I would much rather field any and all questions you may have so, ask away. Bee Fact 2 each bee lives weeks in the summer and months in the winter Bee Fact 3 each colony has , bees in it at its peak during the summer months. I've heard that, according to classical physics, it's impossible for the bee to fly.

    Something to do with wing size, body size, flap speed etc.

    Well, clearly bees CAN fly. Are you familiar with that modern myth?

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    And is there some truth to it? I too have a touch of the cranial conical-ness Yes, I have heard this said before.

    Looking After Your Mental Health

    However, the honey bee has a home base to resource flower, water etc flight radius of 5 miles. Clearly, they can fly. My suspicion though is that the physics is more related to the laden bee yes, that is a very weak Monty Python reference.

    Bubba's Beez Honey from the Hive Cookbook

    The forager bee will often return to the hive with both her most bees in a colony are female , pollen baskets full and its honey stomach full. I am not sure how much weight this is in micro-grams but it does put a significant strain on the bee. At that point I am indeed amazed that they can fly at all. In fact most bees do work themselves to death.