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GoldSilver Latest News. You need to avoid this risk instead. The employees involved need to allocate time for the collaboration. Then comes the accelerator.

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Everybody is very excited. You have an awesome Demo Day, where you show off your startups. Flashing lights of the cameras, cool demos, lots of people and fancy cocktails.

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You need to make sure you acknowledge the follow-up. During the accelerator, the goal is to create a roadmap of how the collaboration will look like. It can be in the form of a pilot, proof of concept, or a commercial deal.

And it often starts after the accelerator ends. Those projects have a life of their own.

In those projects, you need to make sure you have clear success criteria. You need to have people responsible for them.

The disappointing but completely predictable results from SIG

And you need to have a clear decision-making process. This is one of the most common reasons for collaboration failure. Nobody has thought of what happens after the pilot. Does this mean that after the accelerator there are only the collaboration projects? Not at all!

This is the moment where the corporation can reflect and grow. At Nestholma, we prepare a report for the executives of the corporation. This makes sure they identify the areas of the business where they can improve and how. This exercise of self-reflection, assessment, and improvement, prepares the corporation for the future.

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The cityscapes alone are worthy of a recommendation. And when the characters start lurching from one perch to another at supersonic speed, you might want to reach for the Dramamine. The best they can do is an occasionally amusing line, but nothing meriting anything close to an audible laugh. Directed by Tom McGrath.