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This program includes evidence-based therapies and treatments.

Signs Of A Sex Addiction

Everything happens in a supportive, healing environment. Genders are separated, so you can feel comfortable opening up about difficult topics. Trained and experienced mental health professionals will help you address what led to your addiction, so you can get your life back on track. Speak with a recovery advisor now. Call or contact us for more information.

Sexual Addiction Test Self-Assessment. Were you abused or emotionally neglected as a child or adolescent?

Sex addiction treatment methods

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Sex Addiction and Recovery

We do have a few female patients. With women we see a lot of what we call relationship compulsivity or love addiction.

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For a couple of years we stopped taking the women, because some wives would not let their husbands come here because we had men and women living in our facility getting treatment together. Just last week we started taking women again because there are so many women calling in looking for treatment. The first two weeks they get here, the only time patients leave campus is to go to supervised step meetings.

Why Sex Addiction Can Be Harmful - Recovery Lighthouse

So we help them to, in a sense, sober up. Then, at that point, they can start doing things like going with staff to Walmart or to get a haircut or that kind of thing. The thing that helps with addicts is to be around another. The relationships that people make here are really important.

The big emphasis is on group therapy. Many of our patients call two or three peers a day for years after getting out of here.

We know that addiction is its own disease. They reach for something outside themselves to fix that, starting early on in life.

Difficulties with Diagnosis

Sex is one of those behaviors that people can start to deal with their stress. This is not something we can cure. People can go the rest of the rest of their lives without behaving that way, but they still have the brain they were born with.

Especially sex addiction, where it has so much attached to it from our culture. It feels like you should have control over your sex behaviors. We do take people who look at child pornography, voyeurs, people who have ongoing affairs. But rape is a violent assault.

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  • Now, someone might be a sex addict with other compulsive sexual behaviors and look at porn for hours and hours a day. We do a lot of psychological testing and inventories when they first come in, over questions, and we look at all these graphs to see if this person fits in with the profile of other people who identify as sex addicts. Sometimes it takes that level of consequences for someone to finally check into a hospital and get some help.