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She's about the most entertaining, loving, hilarious nutjob of a cat you'd ever want as a family member! Here she is today, hanging out on top of the recliner, as we get ready to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner. It was later wedded to an score arrangement of Eduard Kremser , with English lyrics provided by musicologist Theordore Baker in Recognized as an American hymnal in by the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada , it was adopted by the Dutch Reformed Church in as its first non-psalm-related hymnal, but gradually made its way into the hymnals of many interdenominational institutions, especially on this holiday.

Check out various renditions of this hymn from the Grace Community Church in California , the Joslin Grove Choral Society , and, finally, as a tribute to the late actor John Ingle who played the character of Edward Quartermaine from to on " General Hospital " [YouTube links].

Whatever one's religious beliefs or nonbeliefs, I think of this hymnal on this Thanksgiving Day as a way of counting the many blessings I have. And I wish all my Notablog readers a " Happy Thanksgiving " as they gather together with family and friends to celebrate this holiday. It gives me great pleasure to announce the publication of a very special December issue of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies.

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Indeed, it's a wonderful issue, and I hope readers will "think twice" about the various provocative interpretations of Rand's novel as offered here. This issue officially ends our nineteenth volume, preparing the way for our twentieth anniversary celebration! Readers can find the abstracts to the articles listed below here and the contributor biographies here. Those interested in subscribing to the journal can get more information here and those who are interested in submitting essays to the journal should visit our Penn State Press Editorial Manager platform.

Check it out here and here [YouTube links]. Check out his haunting version here and a hat tip to my friend Brandon! A blue song for a blue Monday in November. As the world was marking the thirtieth anniversary of the falling of the Berlin Wall November 9, , I was going through some of my old yearbooksfrom my graduating years of elementary school P.

Many treasured memories of days gone by. But one thing jumped out at me, quite ironically. I could not get over how many of my classmates signed my yearbooks with phrases such as: "To my friend Chris, Love you until the Berlin Wall falls! Or to be more historically specific: We all have a tendency to reify our current circumstances as if they are unalterable. With a nod toward gallows humor, I chuckle at Marx's classic maxim that history repeats itself, " the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce. But I think that, in the end, as witnesses to history, we cannot deny that circumstances both echo the past and, at surprising moments in our lives, like the events of thirty years ago, smash its most intractable assumptions.

I know the world is not a pleasant place nowadays; polarization on the home front has not been this pronounced since the s, in my humble opinion. But for those of us who value human liberty, and the vigilance it takes to keep and preserve it, there is a seemingly intractable paradox: The only thing that makes the building of walls possible is the weakest of human desires, motivated typically by fearthe desire to rule or to be ruledbecause the prospect of freedom is often overwhelming in the demands it places on personal responsibility and the need to "step up" on behalf of the rights of our neighbors.

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But the only thing that makes the falling of walls inevitable is the more powerful human desire to embrace that freedomand all the possibilities it offers for the flourishing of the human condition. So to my classmates from elementary school, middle school, and high school, I know what you meant when you inscribed my yearbooks with that old Berlin Wall metaphor.

I can only offer a very small reflection on a very big wall: Love endures longer than walls. And the fight for freedom requires the dismantling of the walls that continue to separate and constrain us. Yesterday, I learned of the passing of libertarian Rick Sincere , a person I never met except through the miracle of the Internet and social media.

I extend my heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. Other links: NEU! Carmen is the legendary publisher and writer, who is best known for founding the Virago Press in Her advocacy on Backlisted and elsewhere helped get the book back into print through Granta, where it is now one of their bestselling backlist titles. This episode was recorded live at the End of the Road Festival. It was first published in , and appeared in an English translation by Alan Greenberg, published by Jonathan Cape in Welcome to our th episode!

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David Hepworth was born on July 27th Since this makes him twelve when the Beatles first came along and still an attractively boyish nineteen when they broke up, this, as far as pop music is concerned, is the winning ticket in the lottery of life. After a career which involved school teaching and spells inside the music business he began writing for the music papers in the 70s.

The pair are co-hosts of the A Word in Your Ear podcast, one of the original inspirations for Backlisted. Max Porter is a writer editor and former bookseller.

She also teaches and mentors creative writing students at Anglia Ruskin University has been a judge for the Arthur C. Clarke Award. The novel is now widely considered to be a post-war masterpiece. For this episode John and Andy are joined by Sam Leith , the literary editor of the Spectator and host of their books podcast.

The book they are discussing is The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, a collection of science fiction short stories first published in the US by Doubleday in She is a lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Reading and is working on her third novel.

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Stevenson first published by Herbert Jenkins in , and republished in an exquisite new edition by Persephone Books in I understand that staying in one place in the lash industry makes the value of your work steadily decline. New trends emerge and new techniques appear all the time. Additional information gets revealed be it new facts about the lash glue or something entirely novel, which requires further study and experimentation.

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