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Trump impeachment: Who's who in the Ukraine scandal Show all Accused of abusing his office by pressing the Ukrainian president in a July phone call to help dig up dirt on Joe Biden, who may be his Democratic rival in the election. Believed to be a CIA agent who spent time at the White House, his complaint was largely based on second and third-hand accounts from worried White House staff. Although this is not unusual for such complaints, Trump and his supporters have seized on it to imply that his information is not reliable.

Expected to give evidence to Congress voluntarily and in secret. The lawyer for the first intelligence whistleblower is also representing a second whistleblower regarding the President's actions. Attorney Mark Zaid said that he and other lawyers on his team are now representing the second person, who is said to work in the intelligence community and has first-hand knowledge that supports claims made by the first whistleblower and has spoken to the intelligence community's inspector general. The second whistleblower has not yet filed their own complaint, but does not need to to be considered an official whistleblower.

Former mayor of New York, whose management of the aftermath of the September 11 attacks in won him worldwide praise. In a series of eccentric TV appearances he has claimed that the US state department asked him to get involved. The newly elected Ukrainian president - a former comic actor best known for playing a man who becomes president by accident - is seen frantically agreeing with Trump in the partial transcript of their July phone call released by the White House.

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With a Russian-backed insurgency in the east of his country, and the Crimea region seized by Vladimir Putin in , Zelensky will have been eager to please his American counterpart, who had suspended vital military aid before their phone conversation. Zelensky appeared at an awkward press conference with Trump in New York during the United Nations general assembly, looking particularly uncomfortable when the American suggested he take part in talks with Putin.

The vice-president was not on the controversial July call to the Ukrainian president but did get a read-out later. It has been speculated that Trump involved Pence as an insurance policy - if both are removed from power the presidency would go to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, something no Republican would allow. The president apparently said that Perry wanted him to talk about liquefied natural gas - although there is no mention of it in the partial transcript of the phone call released by the White House.

It is thought that Perry will step down from his role at the end of the year. However, pressure to fire the prosecutor came on a wide front from western countries. It is also believed that the investigation into the company, Burisma, had long been dormant.

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The secretary of state initially implied he knew little about the Ukraine phone call - but it later emerged that he was listening in at the time. He has since suggested that asking foreign leaders for favours is simply how international politics works. The Democratic Speaker of the House had long resisted calls from within her own party to back a formal impeachment process against the president, apparently fearing a backlash from voters. No one is above the law. Democratic chairman of the House intelligence committee, one of the three committees leading the inquiry.

He has also been criticised for claiming that his committee had had no contact with the whistleblower, only for it to emerge that the intelligence agent had contacted a staff member on the committee for guidance before filing the complaint. Separately the Associated Press has reported that they were both involved in efforts to replace the management of Ukraine's gas company, Naftogaz, with new bosses who would steer lucrative contracts towards companies controlled by Trump allies.

There is no suggestion of any criminal activity in these efforts. He resigned just before giving evidence to Congress, which had subpoenaed him. After his testimony it emerged that he had apparently told Giuliani that he was being fed false information about the Bidens from Ukrainian officials. She also said that State Department officials had told her she did nothing wrong, and that her abrupt removal was not related to her performance. Trump had simply lost faith in her abilities.

Expected to testify publicly before House committee on 15 November. Sondland told House investigators during October testimony that he had been disappointed with Trump's decision to involve his personal lawyer in dealings with Kiev — and stated that the president refused counsel from his top diplomats, and demanded Volodymyr Zelensky satisfy his concerns about corruption.

Those diplomats had told Trump to meet with Zelensky without preconditions, according to Sondland.

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His testimony is at odds with the testimony of some other foreign policy officials, however, who indicated that Sondland was a willing participant. A career diplomat, he was number two at the Ukraine embassy under Marie Yovanovitch.

Kent testified before House investigators in October that he was cut out of Ukraine policymaking after a May meeting orchestrated by acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, and was told to "lay low". The deputy assistant secretary in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs said that he though it was "wrong" that he was sidelines by Trump's inner circle. Following the May meeting, Kent said he was edged out by Gordon Sondland, Kurt Volker, and Rick Perry, who "declared themselves the three people now responsible for Ukraine policy", according to a politician who attended the closed door testimony.

Expected to testify publicly to House committee on 12 November. An adviser to secretary of state Mike Pompeo, with whom he has run businesses. The two were also at West Point military academy together. Subpoenaed to give evidence to Congress in November. Philip Reeker, the acting assistant secretary of State, testified that he did not find out about a push by the Trump administration to force Ukraine to publicly announce an investigation into former vice president Joe Biden until the whistleblower complaint was made public. While he was asked about any quid pro quo in that regard, Reeker indicated he was in the dark and so could not provide further details.

But, he did fill in details during his October testimony on the circumstances surrounding the firing of Marie Yovanovitch. Democrats described his testimony has providing further backup to other testimony they had heard. Musk touts K Cybertruck orders in two days.