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We discussed in Strategy 7 how to angle your chair to limit confrontation in a negotiation, but how about choosing from a variety of seats? Not all seats are created equal. In a typical office, you might have multiple chair choices. Beware the couch! This is the worst seating choice during a negotiation because it puts you beneath the other person in physical space, which gives them more physical and psychological power.

I only choose a low sofa or couch if my counterpart also is sitting on the couch next to me or on another one across from me. Think of a royal throne—the bigger the better! I love swivel chairs around big conference room tables. However, if you are jittery or like to rock in your chair, do NOT choose the swivel chair or else plant yourself in one place if you have to use one.

Constant motion can make you look out of control and distracted. Psychologically, we like to have no barriers between us and another person. Be careful of placing pillows, laptops, or clipboards in front of you during your negotiation. You do not want to accidentally block someone, as we discussed in the previous strategy. If you can choose the negotiation space and the type of table, researcher Yun Chu and colleagues found that a round table actually encourages better meeting facilitation.


Fifty-four percent of participants preferred round tables in negotiations and fifty-seven percent believed that a round shape could ease tensions. In another study , researchers found that not having a table at all between two people helps them feel psychologically closer. Your vocal power plays an incredibly important role in your negotiations.

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Research shows that people decide how trustworthy or dominant you are within seconds of hearing your voice. If you want people to listen to you and respect your ideas, you must have control over your voice.

Researchers Alex Pentland and Jared Curhan tested a variety of variables, hoping to influence negotiating outcomes. They found that when middle managers vocally mirrored their interviewer they won more in the negotiation. Alex Pentland also measured speaking time and extroversion and found that both were positively correlated to a better outcome for the negotiators. Additionally, Alex Pentland and his research team looked at speech prosody. They found that more vocal prosody in the first five minutes of a negotiation signals too much emotionality and is a liability for a negotiator.

This is an important finding!

Salary Negotiation Tips from White Men in Tech: Part 1 – Career Advice for Women in Security

It means we can have vocal variance, but it needs to come from an emotionally stable place. Video is a great tool for building rapport, both before and after a negotiation. If you have a tense negotiation coming up, you might want to soften up the person before stepping into the room. On the other hand, if you already have had a tense negotiation, you might want to send an email to reconcile and get on the same page. Here are some examples of how I use video:.

The pre-rapport video. I often send videos in addition to emails if I know I might get into a price negotiation with someone. Something warm and inviting like this:. If I already had a meeting or negotiation and I want to say thank you, I might send a video like this:. The whole goal is smoothing out any tensions that might arise during a negotiation. Video is an easy, easy way to do this! Researchers from the University of Southern California and Stanford found individuals who prepared other options prior to negotiations had increased bargaining power.

Having alternatives prevents you from being dependent on the other person, since you can threaten to take your business elsewhere. Talking about money can be hard. To make it easier I have created 6 money scripts you can use to negotiate. I will give you some basic scripts for:.

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Save this article. As you find more and more resources on negotiation, create a folder with tips.

Improving Negotiation Skills: Rules for Master Negotiators

Save testimonials or emails from previous bosses, clients or students to remind you about the great work you can do before you enter the negotiation. You got this! What drives our behavior? Why do people act the way they do? And most importantly, can you predict and change behavior to be more successful? I think the answer is yes. More about Vanessa. Are you looking to kickstart your career? Level up your leadership?

Join thousands of students learning to master their people skills and make an impact on the world. And for joining today I'm giving away a free one hour audio training to help you jump start your learning! If you had to pick a metaphor for a negotiation, which would you choose: A. Going to the Dentist B. Playing a Game Your choice here is important—do you see negotiations as a necessary evil OR as a fun challenge?

Course elements

You just have to have the right tools and mindset. I want you to win every deal. You apply this in a way that is doable and suitable for you. This enables you to act competently and with confidence to achieve better results. Preparation is the most important part of any negotiation. Lack of preparation almost inevitably leads to a failed negotiation. In this course you learn how to prepare in the best manner. Preparation includes preparing mentally and emotionally. Research shows that women who prepare themselves by being aware of their own inner strength reach significantly better outcomes in negotiations.

Improve your ability to negotiate by joining in practice situations, focused on your particular strengths and situation. You benefit from practical peer and facilitator feedback. This will help you to be comfortable in any negotiating situation and successfully achieve your objectives and goals.

Business Negotiation as a Crucial Component of Sales

You will notice it will also facilitate your ability to use negotiating situations to initiate and strengthen relationships with the other party. These practice situations are part of the entire programme in the form of master classes.

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