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If you want to throw some things at Jen, do it. Bring it. Well, they did. Come on. Jennifer slapped her back.

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They both stayed in character and the scene went on. I was dying. That was gold.

That scene was hard fought in pre-production, a crew racing-scene in sculls on Oyster Bay, frigid waters. We had to rig this contraption to get the cameras and sound people in sync with the boat. Also these sculls are inches wide.

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We had half actors and half legitimate crew racers. When I yelled action, a few of them started to dip their oars into the water. The thing started breaking apart. You recorded the score in the same studio where Prince recorded Purple Rain? That was a surprise. Mike Andrews was our composer.

There was no big orchestra. Philharmonic on the venerable Sony or Warner Bros.

Second Act

This was done at Sunset Sound. You can still smell the weed in the fibers of the walls. My daughter actually recorded some vocals for the soundtrack.

Why The Second-Act Crisis Exists

She went into this booth. He slept in that studio to be ready for recording the next day. We looked it up and there was a picture of Prince in that exact same room. There is massive history at Sunset Sound, of which I was completely ignorant. How did that affect your approach to directing it? I was born and raised in Manhattan, Upper West Side. That is my hometown. But I was scouting Anger Management in and was at Ground Zero with the debris about six weeks after it happened.

This was the first time I had actually been back [since then]. It looked so insurmountable and devastating. And she casts her real-life wisecracking best friend Leah Remini as her movie wisecracking best friend and goes all Jenny-from-the-block at the beginning so Maya can get all glam with a makeover transformation.

This pretty little wish list may be enough for Lopez to ignore the most ridiculous details of the story, but it is not enough for us. Asking the audience to suspend disbelief for a movie is fine. Insulting us with obvious and sloppy details is not. So no problem with a Cinderella story where the fairy godmother is a tech-savvy teenager and the gown for the ball is a faked Ivy League resume and some Photoshopped images showing her with the Obamas and, yes, on top of Mt.

But it is a problem when the suspicious rival at her new job calls Harvard to see whether Maya actually was a student there, and it turns out that same tech-savvy teen somehow redirected the call to his own cell phone?

Second Act

And maybe we can go along with the idea that a big corporation would hand a new hire a fancy apartment and batch of credit cards. And that a new skin care formula could be invented from scratch and made ready to market in a few months.

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Maya has been working for twelve years at a big box store and is hoping for a promotion. The boss Treat Williams sets up two teams, challenging them to come up with a better product, and puts his daughter, Zoe Vanessa Hudgens in charge of the safer bet. Maya is leading the long shot. School does have value; a teacher grading this script would have sent it back with corrections and insisted on another draft.