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This Mysterious Island in the Pacific Ocean Is Rumored to Be Haunted | Travel + Leisure

Using her experience as a pilot, scuba diver and explorer, Edwards seeks to uncover the secrets behind some of the world's most mysterious islands. Kellee Edwards journeys to Sapelo Island, off Georgia's coast, to unlock secrets shrouded in mystery and a chilling past. Inhabited by the Geechee people, descendants of enslaved Africans who worked Sapelo's plantations, they now struggle to protect their unique culture with its own language, beliefs and customs. Although surrounded by overrun tourist destinations, Sapelo has mysteriously remained untouched - and for more than a century, those who've tried to develop Sapelo have met tragic and untimely deaths.

What has protected the island and its Geechee people from the outside world? A powerful spirit?

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A curse? A haunting?

Mysterious Island

As Edwards uncovers the truth about Sapelo, she realizes the answers to its mysteries are more personal than she ever imagined. Kellee Edwards travels to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, on the far side of the planet, where she makes a shocking discovery: the Torajan people, who've inhabited the island for millennia, continue living after death.

Deceased relatives stay for years with their families, who bring them food, water and changes of clothing while having daily conversations, which Kellee experiences firsthand during a home visit. And in one of the most bizarre and elaborate funeral ceremonies on earth, Edwards learns the truth of the Torajan belief in life after life. Kellee Edwards is an avid adventure video blogger for her website Kellee Set Go!

Traveling by land, air and sea, Edwards uses her experience as a pilot, scuba diver and explorer to see the world from different heights. Edwards' extensive travels have taken her a long way from where she spent her early childhood - on Chicago's South Side - and where she was raised in San Bernardino, California. Her love of travel and outdoor adventure has propelled her to explore more than 40 countries, and her exploits include summiting Mt. It's never been explicitly explained why, but often this kind of blurring is related to national security. It has faced controversy, however: Greenpeace has been campaigning for its shut-down since , after claims that it dumps "one million litres of liquid radioactive waste per day" into the ocean.

The DWS was responsible for commanding and training Poland's Special Forces, although a different organisation handles this now. Its home remains blurred on Google Maps.

It's not clear why the area is blurred on Google Maps, but it likely relates to the government buildings in the vicinity. It was charted for over a century as being located near New Caledonia a French territory , and has been included on many maps and nautical charts. It was first "discovered" and charted by Captain James Cook in September , but was eventually "undiscovered" in The island was displayed on Google Maps until November , when Australian scientists confirmed the island's absence.

Now all that remains is a view of the rise in the sea bed, which occupies the same shape as the original island.

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