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The team remains rooted in the belief that God is writing an astounding story, where He will do immeasurably more than they can ask or imagine Ephesians This faith has led them to develop an ambitious blueprint where thousands of villagers will be able to enjoy food in abundance.

Operating within the Doi Inthanon region, they are focusing on 10 villages with a population of 4, people.

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The plan is modelled after the stories of Jesus feeding the multitudes. Jesus first broke the loaves and gave it to the disciples, who then distributed it to the people Matthew Just as the disciples picked up the 12 basketfuls of leftover food, the villagers can sell the excess eggs for income. The target is for this system to be up and running within the next three to four years.

At the end of the year, the couple will head over to distribute two chickens to each of the families. Few would fork out their own money to spend their holidays building chicken coops in a remote village.

According to Giam, this degree of deep friendship can be partially attributed to the time spent together toiling over the project. Pastor Yow in an unfinished chicken farm he has been building.

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Thanks to Our Chicken Story, he has been able to better feed his family of five. Being the more level-headed of the two, she would watch out for him by telling him to slow down or step up when needed. Yap struggled to comprehend this fear. This led to some tension between the two. However, she learnt to support Giam in prayer. Though the project is still in its infancy, the team has been heartened by the response in the village.

Just last year, they received a video from Uncle Klaise, with Pastor Adisak revealing the impact the project was having on the villagers. Initially the villagers approached Pastor Adisak, curious about what he was building and why he was doing so. The pastor shared the vision of Our Chicken Story and the Gospel with them, and they replied that they wanted to become Christians. There are currently Red Island Rhode chickens in the village farm. These are egg-laying chickens, with each chicken laying up to one egg per day. But when they see what you do, your life … they understand more about Jesus.

In spite of the grand plans, Giam is firm that if God told them to hand over the project to someone else, they would.

Register to run 1km, 5km or 10km at your own convenience and record the run using a GPS tracking App. Those who complete the run will receive a medal through mail. One chicken can be given out with every two sign ups. They are keen to offer support where possible. Plans to expand to Cambodia and Myanmar are in the pipeline. In junior college, she was the chairperson of the Publicity and Publications committee within the Students' Council. Being away from home has intensified her love for bubble tea, National Day songs and blue skies.

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These chickens are anything but little. Chicken or egg? Then runs down the road to warn everyone else. The first person he meets on the road is Gwen the Hen. She is coming from the supermarket. Why are you so scared? The sky is falling! How do you know?

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It must be true! He is having a bath. He is reading poetry to Percy the pigeon. Let's go! He is sitting at a cafe, writing on his laptop. Well then it must be true! Follow me! At the top of the hill is a big, dark cave. Come in! The sky won't fall on us here. We are safe. The next morning, Chicken Little and his friends have disappeared. The cave is empty.

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But I will tell you one thing: Fred the Fox is very happy. He has a big, round belly. And he sits under a tree, gets his laptop, and begins to write again. Sign up for notification emails and you'll be the first to know when we add new stories or audio.