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Their chemistry grows though as they get to know each other and spend more time together and soon it becomes hard to deny. I loved their interactions. The sex is explicit but it doesn't happen very often which fits the story, as they are on a timetable to figure out who is after Grace. There is plenty of action and intrigue to keep your attention the way through.

Once I started the book, I didn't want to put it down. I can't wait for the next one.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. Mar 03, Elizabeth Neal rated it really liked it. He's recently been cleared after being injured and is on loan temporarily to the Department of Homeland Security for Task Force Safe Haven.

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Though he'll do his job, and do it well, he's itching for clearance to return to his unit, and his personal mission Plus, being bodyguard to a pipeline inspector isn't exactly what he trained for. Grace, a biologist, is studying the wolves of Yellowstone when she witnesses a murder.

Thinking quickly, Grace tries to see the shooter so she can identify him later, but has to make a hasty escape when she becomes a target. Caveman is shocked when not only does a bullet hit his truck, but the action startles an approaching horse, causing him to toss the rider. He immediately asks if she's okay, but doesn't understand why she expects him to shoot her. Though Caveman plans to take her to the clinic, Grave insists on seeing the sheriff.

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When Caveman hears her story, it seems as if the victim is the man Caveman was on his way to meet and protect. Though it's neither the time nor the place considering the situation, both Caveman and Grace feel an attraction and under different circumstances they'd each like to explore it. Thankfully, it seems as though they'll get that chance when Caveman becomes Grace's live-in protection. But with her and Caveman being in such close proximity, and getting to know one another, neither can resist their chemistry for long.

Unfortunately, Grace is targeted more than once, and though she's worried for herself, she's more concerned that Caveman will be injured, therefore confirming the curse that seems to follow her around, ending the life of any man she gets close to. Can Caveman keep Grace safe? Who was responsible for killing the pipeline inspector?

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Is it the same person after Grace? Is Caveman safe? Or will he be the next victim of Grace's curse? Can Caveman prove to Grace that it's safe to love him? That he loves her and he's not going anywhere? One-click now and follow along as two people, both determined to not fall in love for different reasons, discover a love worth fighting for amongst dangerous circumstances. Please keep in mind this is book two in the series, and though it can be read as a standalone, I do recommend reading book one, Hot Combat, first.

On a purely personal note, as with the first book, Hot Combat, I could've done without other women flirting with the hero in front of the heroine.

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While it doesn't seem, at least it wasn't said as fact, that Caveman enjoyed the attention or flirted back, I don't feel it was at all necessary to include this in the story. I don't want to read about the hero with any woman other than the heroine in any type of sexual, intimate, or overly friendly scenario. It lessens the connection I'm building in them becoming a couple. Jul 12, Paula Legate rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance-suspence , action-romance , favorites.

The title fit the book perfectly. Grace Saundersis is a biologist tracking and gathering information about a wolf pack. She was riding her horse looking for one wolf when she saw a man get murdered. She rode her horse as fast as she could to avoid being shot next. She got thrown off, and ended up passing out.

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Max Decker known as "Caveman" was hurt on duty. Before he can be sent back to his unit that is deployed he gets assigned to a small town. First day assigned to the small town he goes to The title fit the book perfectly. First day assigned to the small town he goes to meet a local man. Before he can meet him, he see's Grace get thrown from her house.

She is knocked out. He picks her up to take her to the local clinic. She wakes up in his truck, and demands to go to the sheriff office. After reporting the murder, she becomes the next target. Caveman became her personal body guard. The action is this book is intense. The chemistry between Caveman and Grace was sizzling.

The only problem is Grace makes Caveman promise not to fall in love with her. Everyone she has ever loved has died. She thinks she is cursed. She was once married, and her husband died on her honeymoon. A guy she dated a few years later died from a farming accident. The more they dodge bullets, the more the chemistry between them heats up. Great book. Loved it! Aug 18, Belinda rated it it was amazing.


Welcome to the 2nd book in this series.. He was there looking for someone else While he rescues her she is afraid he is going to kill her as she just witnessed a murder.. Once they get to the sheriff's office they report it She warns Caveman not to fall in love with her that men tend to die around her As they keep investigating the Free America group they are sneaking Welcome to the 2nd book in this series..

As they keep investigating the Free America group they are sneaking into the taxidermist place when they are caught and took the firing range..

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A thriller that is a page turner. May 30, Danielle Urban rated it it was amazing. Hot Target by Elle James is a hot romance. Right from the beginning she sweeps me into her book. I was addicted. The hot hero and amazing heroine make a fabulous pair. But both are a little damaged. Especially, the woman. Every man in her life ended up dead. Now, she and her new lover, are in danger.