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A Chinese national was sentenced to 40 months in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to export military and space technology to China, the U. Li was arrested in September , and pleaded guilty to the charge in April, court documents show. He was also sentenced to three years of supervised release following the prison term.

Prosecutors said that between December and January , Li, who resided in China, attempted to purchase radiation-hardened power amplifiers and supervisory circuits—electronic components primarily used for military and space applications—and export them to China. The components require an export license before it is sent out of the United States, the department said, adding that the Department of Commerce has a policy of denying its export to China.

According to the complaint, Li used multiple aliases to contact individuals in the United States, including representatives of U.

Exposed: Forced Organ Harvesting in China Has Taken Place ‘On A Significant Scale’

He approached three undercover agents who posed as vendors, court documents show. In December , Li wrote to one of the agents, asking them to ship the products to his company in Hong Kong. He wired money from a bank account in China to a bank account in Arizona to pay for part of the order, prosecutors said.

Li was arrested in September at Los Angeles Airport while traveling from China to Arizona to meet with one of the undercover agents. Working Party Matters. Seismic Hazard. Flood Hazard. Tsunami Hazard.

The Epoch Scheme

Volcanic Hazard. Gas Hazard. Fault Reactivation Hazard. The temporal occurrence and forecasting of landslide s in the European community Ed: Flageollet, J.

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Contract No. Sackung Debris Flow Soil Flow Complex with run-out or change of behaviour downslope; note that nearly all forms develop complex behaviour e. Rock avalanche e.

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Flow Slide e. Slump - earthflow Note: A compound landslide is one that consist of more than one type e. This should be distinguished from a complex slide where one form of failure develops into a second form of movement, i. The mechanism of failure underlies this scheme.