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Jason Roeder: We knew there were similar ideas out there, but we wanted to put our own spin on it. We noticed there was a loss of active listening in music, where people would just throw something on in the background but not really sit in a room and listen to a record as an actual activity.


We wanted to make this environment where not only do you need to sit and listen to this one record, you also need to actively engage your mind and focus your attention on this other record or both records simultaneously. People used to just sit and listen to the radio or a record or just sit and watch TV, and a lot of people these days are doing several things at once.

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We wanted to push the experiment out of our hands and into the hands of the listener. It almost seems like we need to push that boundary again because active listening seems even less important to people now than it was back then.

We have lots of crazy ideas, but often crazy ideas fall victim to practicality, time and effort. That was one that seemed too crazy at first, but we just stuck with it. Creating it was really great.

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I remember being in my room on Christmas Eve—I had this shitty crackling fire tape I bought at Walgreens in a clock radio cassette player, a Brian Eno album on the turntable and a CD boombox playing something else that was non-rhythmic, and all of these things just started working together in this bizarre way. Our sound man, Dave Clark, had turned us on to the Flaming Lips, who were in their peak period of fucking around with shit like that.

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They did a weird thing where they dissected a rock mix into four different component parts that worked together or on their own in any combination. Practice yoga while supporting The Community Preschool and its mission to educate children from at-risk neighborhoods. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Emmy-nominated filmmaker and Tony-nominated producer on his new book. Honor those who have passed away during this special service. Experience the labyrinth illuminated by candlelight.

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Create new connections as we explore, experience and share the transformative love of Jesus together. Sunday summer fun for children of all ages.

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