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Why Do My Dreams Come True? (Hint: It’s Not Déjà Vu)

The amount of data transmission is limited to a minimum. Use of an external merchandise management system Duration of storage After completion of the contract, the data will be stored for the duration of the warranty period. Rights of the data subject; You are entitled to the following rights under Art. In addition, according to Art. I wanted to experience everything.

For years, I roamed around the world, and eventually I did exactly that.

Westlife - Dreams Come True (Where Dreams Come True - Live In Dublin)

I experienced everything. Then the sunset came. It was unexpected. Because the truth is, I never dreamed I would actually succeed.

Can Deja Vu and Dreams Come True in Real Life?

It all seemed so faraway and impossible. But like they always say, dreams really do come true. I think back today, to the person I was before I stepped on the plane. The person that used to go to that cubicle every day. I suspect I was much like everyone else. I woke up, snoozed the alarm for half an hour, ironed a shirt, slipped the tie on.

1. People say things you want to hear

And I say slip it on because I never actually untied it each night, just loosened it enough to slip over my head, so I had one less thing to do the next morning. I was a zombie. During that life, the thought of travel tantalised me. It consumed my every thought — all the places I could go when I finally quit this job.

I could go to South America and learn to salsa with the pretty ladies. Man, those places must be so incredible. Will I ever really go to Africa?

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Probably not in this lifetime. How would I even survive out there? One day. I was 25 when I finally quit my job. But I bought a plane ticket. It was important because something was changing.

Can Deja Vu and Dreams Come True in Real Life? | Exemplore

I was actually doing something. I was actually going somewhere.

And I was battle-ready, with a suitcase full of hand sanitiser and malaria medicine and anti-diarrhea pills. Life changed pretty quick after that. Never had a conversation with a local. Never been on a date. Never talked to the person next to me on the bus. When those things started happening, my mind was blown. Over and over again.

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  4. Every single day. I would lie in bed at night, questions burning through my skull. How much I now had to see and learn. I really felt like Jim Carrey, in the Truman Show.